Sustainable & Unique


Nostalgia’s values are simple: we strive to create a unique festival that integrates the Christchurch community through celebrating collaboration, creativity, event sustainability and quality music.

Nostalgia aims to have as minimal effect on the land as possible, continuously working towards implementing and trialing new sustainable initiatives. The team at Our Daily Waste works with festival vendors to minimise and control festival waste. Reusable cups, plates, cutlery and wash stations are provided by Globeblet.

Nostalgia Festival encourages festival-goers to cut down on transport used by ride-sharing, private or public buses, and of course biking - join our Slow Roll Bike Ride!

What makes us different

Festival Facts

With a focus on sustainability, the festival’s laidback all ages environment is the perfect place to escape normality, connect with friends and create truly memorable experiences. Here are some things that makes us stand out from the crowd.


We would like to give a huge thank you to our sponsors